About the Boho Spirit – Living Free

Not too long ago, being bohemian meant you were a wild, rebel, with ample bad habits and poor judgment.  Times have changed and we are all ready for a reprieve, not to become rebels.  The hippy movement paired with organic living, beatnik-ness, then a touch of modernism tends to lead us to where we are today, we are smart, technologically advanced, and are learning, fast-track living and millions of dollars could very well kill us.    

Some food for thought, when we say live free – live boho, we are talking about…

Today’s modern bohemians are individuals who function within a constrained society while trying to stay true to self, nature, and spirit (whatever your religion is).  A modern boho’s life struggle is working with in the confines of a world filled with inherited and depleted ideologies and thoughts.  The only way to escape this and get back to rejuvenating our spirit is to work with other like-minded bohemians to cultivate a culture leading us back to the basics of life, home, heart, nature, and soul.

  • Revolutionize, decorate boho, dress boho,  you can still be fashionable and comfortable (good for your spirit) without looking like a bum, ditch the girdles because whoever created spanks and hold me in pants, was a sadist holding back our bohemian selves
  • Get back to natural foods and ditch foods which have been so processed, they really don’t classify as food.  Try cooking your own meal from scratch, you will feel more the better for it and it cost less too
  • Be artful, be inspired, be creative in all you do (note to the above, cooking is an art form, join the movement)
  • Get in touch with your roots, somehow we lost our way, serenity and peace is hard to find
  • Turn your phone, tv, and radio off on occasion and find a moment of clarity
  • Think with the child of a mind, don’t act like a child
  • Be compasionate